Celebrate A Timeless Symbol

Fleur de Lis

Welcome Fleur lovers! Jo Busse creates vivid textures and unique variations on one theme: The Fleur de Lis. Known as the "Flower of Life," the Fleur de Lis is an ancient symbol whose origin dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who created the symbol after their beloved Lotus Flower. Adopted by France in the early 12th century, the icon has become a symbol of life, loyalty, faith and prosperity. Jo uses the fleur to create eclectic and enveloping glimpses into the spirit and mystery of the Fleur de Lis. Mostly, for Jo, the representation of the Trinity of God.

We invite you to browse through the GALLERY and to visit our ONLINE STORE so you can find the perfect Fleur de Lis to adorn your spaces. Jo creates original works of art, though she does accept commissioned work. Most of the paintings seen in the galleries have been sold. However, you may request a similar painting or a preferred color scheme. Works in the SHOP are available for ownership now.

"My visual gifts as an artist, first, need to be self gratifying, and then present the challenge to produce a great product that art lovers will appreciate and cherish. I was given the gift of voice, then discovered the fun of visual arts: pen & ink, photography, & painting. Color combinations fascinate me, so with the endless possibility of colors, I create the backgrounds on which I present a Fleur de Lis. The use of texture is a must, as it goes with the little girl inside who still wants to play mudpies."

- Josephine Busse